Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New weapon for confrontation

Sounds cheesy, but I think this might be more effective than the single finger salute. Perhaps it might instill a bit of guilt in some unreasonable motorist and at least it won't piss people off more than they already are (whether they ought to be initially or not). As a cyclist, there's a lot more damage drivers can do to me than I do to them.

It's not an issue of pride. It's an issue of size. Bigger wins.

Yesterday, I was speeding down a hill (no cars b/c the road is closed) and as I approached the stop sign, I saw a fellow cyclist's bike leaning up against a car in the middle of a T-intersection! The bike looked fine and I didn't hear the collision. From what I can tell from the aftermath, the cyclist felt it was the driver's fault. He was yelling into the driver's window when the driver of this Super Shuttle who made a u-turn at the intersection w/o looking rolled down his window and asked,

Are you okay?

The cyclist was pissed. Pounding again on the car, he shouted,

No, I'm not okay! Give me your insurance. Give me your insurance!

The peace sign wouldn't have worked in this situation, but it reminds me of the constant battle between cyclists and motorists. Cyclists really need to do their part in being super aware of what's going on and rather than hoping that motorists are all perfect drivers, assume that they are distracted by plugging in their IPod while fumbling with their Starbucks coffee and rushing to pick up the kids. No excuse, but cyclists need to assume that motorists don't see us and respond in that matter.

It shouldn't be a blame game. It's a protecting your life at all costs game.

I'm always waving drivers to go by even if I get to an intersection before they do. I just can't confirm that they see me unless they wave me to go on, which often happens but not every time. I'd rather wave them to go to eliminate the chances of them hitting me by 100%. I can't speak for the red light and stop sign runners.


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