Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back on track

The wheel arrived today! The bubble wrap was good, but I hope it didn't absorb sharp drops during shipment. Mag wheels should be able to withstand any abuse through delivery though.

Even though I told KMX I didn't need another freewheel, they still included this set of cogs.

After further inspection, I noticed it's a made-in-china version, named Golden something or other. KMX has replaced their previous Shimano branded freewheels with these shiny look-a-likes.

A friend of mine has the same one and has no complaints, so I guess it's not too big of a deal. I'm storing it away though b/c I still need my 11-34T.

They included the axle! Thought they would though. I figure it comes with the hub as a set. Too bad it doesn't have the disk brake though! I was hoping my warped one could be replaced by a new one, but I guess I'll have to purchase a new replacement. I don't want my existing warped brake disk to mess up the alignment of the wheel.

Ooooo! Looks like KMX sent me a used wheel! Scratches already! I'm guessing it's from one of their demo models that they just pulled off for me. Good thing the mag is black and blends in with it. Not noticeable from a distance and it was all free so I guess there's no complaints. I almost would have been willing to pay for a new one though.

I'm posting this for record. It shows where the spacer should be placed - drive side in the freewheel between the cone (black) and outer locknuts.


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