Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Do List

There are a few things I need to do to prep for the ALC ride that are making me nervous:

1. Get donations up!
2. Acquire a box big enough to hold the trike.
3. Improve my gearing.
4. Improve my heart rate and endurance abilities.

And my plans for each?

1. I need to contact my family, friends and old colleagues again. So far I've printed out all the current doners' names and stuck them on the trike like promised.

2. The box can come from KMX or a local bike shop. I just need to contact them. I prefer getting it from KMX, but need to determine if there's anything else I need to order from them. I'd like to keep the shipment to a single package.

3. Andy from BROL has offered to help me with my gearing. He'll provide the KMX Shark to hold the derailleur, the chain rings, shifter, some wheels and other components that will prepare my trike for the ride. I need to confirm a measurement and he needs to confirm his availability for next month.

4. This is just a matter of getting on the trike and riding. Should be fun. I just hope the weather gets better.


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