Monday, February 28, 2011

The search for a Sturmey Archer CS-RK3

I called up Bike Stop and what a friendly company! Jeff, the rep who answered my call was super nice and look for some alternative products that may satisfy my need for a 3-speed hub that allows a disk brake and is also cassette ready. Unfortunately nothing. Jeff had a great attitude though and was friendly even though his company wasn't able to get me what I was looking for.

I did learn from him though that Sturmey Archer commonly releases only certain products in certain parts of the world. I may have to contact their Netherlands office to get what I'm looking for.

Good news! I came across the Sunrace blog and they have a picture of the CS-RK3! It's a shot from the 2010 Taipei International Bike show.

There's a guy on another forum that has his own shop that sells these! I'm contacting him ASAP. The source is here and I'm getting if my BROL deal doesn't go through.

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  1. Try the contact on this forum thread:

    He says he is selling this hub.