Monday, February 28, 2011

Sturmey Archer setup

The new KMX F3 which only has 3 gears uses a Sturmey Archer internal gear hub. I researched the brand and it's cheaper than the Shimano's by a little bit. Looking through their website, I found the another 3-speed version that allows both a cassette and disk brake. It's the CS-RK3 model.

No need to sacrifice anything if I use this! Instead of using my current Megarange 7-speed freewheel, I can get a Megarange 8-speed cassette which gives me the following gear inches.

Amazing! Gear inches is 15.7GI-86GI using a 38T single chain ring up front. This is all thanks to the ability to utilize a cassette with the internal gearing hub. Most internal gearing hubs don't allow a cassette nor freewheel to be mounted.

That's pretty much perfect! If I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of low end for a bit more high end, I can get up to 90.5GI's for the highest gear using my existing 40T single chain ring. No need for derailleurs or anything and the best part? The price! I have yet to find it, but it should be priced under $200!

The hardest part is finding a place that sells this! Ugh! is Sturmey Archer's dealer. I'm waiting for a return call to get accurate pricing and availability for this product. So excited!


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