Thursday, February 24, 2011

Option #1: X-Class setup

I might have posted this before, I'm curious how my new options compare against the stock X-Class gear range. My cheapest option of getting lower gears would cost me $250 and these are the results. The chart looks like this:

This mod would give me one higher gear and three lower gears. The gears are significantly lower than my current setup and still even better than using the SRAM Dual Drive.

I can't help but to think what would happen if I combined the two. Hmmm, now that would be interesting. Best of two worlds? Let's see.

Combining both systems would give me a range of 8.9 - 97.1! That's insane! I could probably climb a wall with that setup! That would be pretty ideal, but it would cost me $650+ to get there. That's still less than the installed cost of the Schlumpf drive and would weigh less overall. Two points against getting the Schlumpf. I understand the Schlumpf drives weigh in excess of 10 extra lbs! Do I really want to carry around a 52lb trike? Uh, no!


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