Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fellow bent rider

Arriving at the Polo Field, I saw another bent! I had seen two on the track before. This is the third. Turns out the guy, Eric had seen me on the road before! In fact, I had see him also, except I didn't know it at the time.

I had been riding around when I passed by a black car which I had thought was a Dodge Charger, but later learned was a Chrysler 300. They look the same. The rear hitch had a tadpole bent trike! By the time I realized it, I had passed it. Little did I know that I would have later been granted my wish of being able to exchange a few words with him.

We ended up riding over 10 miles together. Nice meeting a fellow bent rider who's up for chatting (and slowing down so I can keep up). We were cruising at about 17mph average. The 10 miles went by like 15 minutes.


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