Thursday, July 1, 2010


ACCESSORY 38: Clicker torque wrench $11.99 + shipping @ Harbor Freight Tools

Something came in the mail for me today and boy was that quick. I ordered it a few days ago and later read that some buyers had waited up to 2 weeks for delivery! With the prices though, I went through with the purchase anyway and lucked out when it came in 2 days!

Yes, and it comes with a case! Wicked. I always wanted one of these. It reminds me of my special inspections days where I used to torque bolts all over construction sites. These torque wrenches typically go for $24-50 each! Quite a deal from Harbor Freight. I have yet to test it though. Hope it doesn't break on the first try.

The ones Park Tools sells are all 3/8", so that's the one I went for. 5-80 lb range sounds good. The difference btw this type and the kind that Park Tools sells is that this one can't be calibrated as easily. But this one seems a lot more durable and I can't imagine I would need to calibrate it ever. I won't be using it that often. Again, the justification for buying this is that it's a fraction of the cost of taking it to the shop to complete the work I need to do installing the crankarms and new chain ring. yes, new chain ring! That's next. Review tomorrow.


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