Thursday, July 1, 2010


ACCESSORY 37: Schwalbe Big Apple Rear Tire $0 @ Mike

Thank you Mike for allowing me another accessory w/o having to ride 200 extra miles! Freebee from Mike. I owe you a lunch at the very least! This is a 2" wide Schwalbe Big Apple 20" rear tire. After researching like a mad man, I was still hesitant to buy a set. After trying Mike's ride, I'm sold. He gave me one of his extras and I'll be buying a front pair soon enough.

I guess the people who bought these and reviewed them in various places on the web didn't get them for a KMX kart. I don't notice the tire being thicker and the weight is actually less than the stock ones! The two biggest worries were pretty much non-existant. I'm definitely getting a front set eventually.

As for the tread, the stock tire on the left definitely has more. The BA's (Big Apples) are designed as a road tire so it has less tread as expected.

I have yet to take this on the gravel, but from my 13.5 mile ride today, I can say that these tires do give a bit more cushioned feel to the road. I inflated them to 40lb's. Perhaps a bit less would give me a more comfy ride. I'll have to experiment with the air pressure to see what works the best. It's a bit tough to tell though w/o the front tires to match. Even if the BA's did have less rolling resistance, the front wheels prevent me from noticing the difference.

A lot of people like the reflective grey strip along the edge of the tire. Yes, I said grey. It's not white like people say. It's grey. Grey. Grey. Grey. Like I suspected, I don't like it nearly as much as w/o the strip. It's fighting with the red strip. Not a good look but maybe it'll grow on me. Let's give it a few weeks.


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