Friday, June 18, 2010

Some details on my previous post:

1. New riding position
I started leaning back a bit more to give my abdomen some space to breathe. Previously, I would instinctively grip the handle bars hard and lean forward. By reclining more in the seat, I'm able to myself some more space to breathe and move my legs.

2. Eating a meal 2 hours before my ride
I had an early snack before getting off work, so maybe my body had time to absorb and digest the energy in prep for the ride?

3. New pedaling technique
I stopped thinking about it and just pedaled. This changed my stroke fairly drastically. I felt that less physical effort was put into each stroke and perhaps it was for this reason that I was able to pedal harder and longer.

4. Distracting soccer game at the Polo Field
During my early morning rides, I have nothing to look at other than seniors' attempt at speedwalking and occasionally some Tai Chi. I'm typically the first one to show up at the field around 5:30am and people don't start coming in until a bit after 6am.

5. Competition with the DF (diamond frame) roadies
This probably has the biggest influence on my ride. Not only is there a lot more motivation, but the DF riders also provide a good reference of how I'm doing.

6. White Lightning chain lube
I used this for the first time after reading all the hype about how great it is. This was the first time I was able to clean the chain well enough to see the silver sparkle! It's typically black. Maybe this wax-based lube is working!

7. Strawberry and Banana Kerns nectar
I didn't feel like grabbing Gatorade, so I took the first thing from the fridge and maybe this gave me the boost I needed to reach 20mph for a pretty good stretch of the field.

8. Riding in the late afternoon/evening as opposed to 5:25am
In all seriousness, this might have been a big contribution to why my energy level peeked. It's too bad though b/c most of my training will have to be in the early mornings.

9. My lucky underwear
They were in the wash that day. This pair made no contribution.


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