Monday, June 21, 2010

Another birdy

Since when does a red light mean go? I'm crossing the street with 3 other cyclists and 4 pedestrians with the "man walking" symbol blinking. A motorist from across the street is waiting to turn right (my left) . As I pass by, he honks? WTF?

The right thing to do when a driver is a complete a$$hole to a cyclist is to ignore them and move on. After recalling all the motorist/cyclist incidences that ended in violence and sometimes death, I hesitated for probably 3 seconds before following the driver.... his house which conveniently happened to be just around the corner from where he insisted on going before pedestrians and cyclists. Bingo! I know where this guy lives! I looked at him for a second as he was backing into his garage. I was waiting for his fear to settle in before pulling the one finger salute followed by a gesture,

"I got my eyes on you."

He replied with an equally lanky finger. I guess he doesn't care that his girlfriend sitting next to him probably thinks he's an a$$hole too. Nor does he care that I know exactly where he lives. Can you get any dumber? The confrontation was far away from my house where I just didn't care. Any closer and I probably would have ignored it.

Will I see the guy again? Probably not. There's too many dirty Corolla's crawling all over the City, but there's only one white KMX Tornado with red reflective rims. Hmmmm. What is up with this Asian on Asian aggression? First mugged by a fellow Asian 10 years go and now I fellow so-called brother honks me while his traffic light is red and mine is clearly green with "man walking" symbol? Not only that, but I'm crossing with a whole bunch of people!

I suppose the cost of living in the City, enjoying the views and all that there is to offer is to put up with the inconveniences like this. Perhaps next time I'll just take it and move on rather than risk my life. The guy easily could have chased me in his car and run me over. Another reason to bring my stun gun with me.


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