Thursday, June 17, 2010

And the achievement award goes to....

..either one or some of the following. I can't quite figure out which of these contributed to me finally being able to spin out on the flats using my highest gear of 72.7GI's (40T chainring and 11T rear cog).

1. New riding position
2. Eating a meal 2 hours before my ride
3. New pedaling technique
4. Distracting soccer game at the Polo Field
5. Competition with the DF (diamond frame) roadies
6. White Lightning chain lube
7. Strawberry and Banana Kerns nectar
8. Riding in the late afternoon/evening as opposed to 5:25am
9. My lucky underwear

Though it was only for a small stretch of less than 1/2 mile, I was keeping up with the bikers! My next goal is to continue this 20mph speed for at least a mile and increase endurance from there. I had previously only been able to spin out on my highest gear during the downhills. To achieve this on the flats was exhilarating to say the least.


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