Monday, June 21, 2010

Reward Accessory #1

Since deciding to limit my trike accessory/modification purchases to increments of 200 miles ridden, I'm finally ready to make my first purchase. I've ridden 243 miles in 4 weeks. That's not nearly as much as the 600 miles I'm aiming to do in the same time, but for the time being I'm getting shorter crank arms which will hopefully help me get more distance during my morning rides. I hope to reach 600 miles/month shortly.

Of the number of accessories I'm looking to buy, I decided on crank arms first mainly for my health. Although my knees haven't been hurting as much lately, I can't imagine any pain is good. I can't wait to get those crank arms on. They should be here by next Friday.

The stock ones are 170mm long. The main reason I picked the 155mm set is mostly from the advice of members at Though my LBS (local bike shop) said 5-10mm would already make a huge difference, I'm not confident that they are experienced enough with bents to really know what to recommend. I'm sure getting 165mm crank arms to replace the 170's would work well on a DF (diamond frame) bike, but I'm not convinced that they know the impact crankarm length would have on a bent.

I'm choosing the 155mm ones to hopefully experience a big enough difference for the change to be worth it. I'd hate to spend the money on a 5mm change only to not notice any advantage after installing it.

Along with the crankarms, I ordered the square tapered crankpuller so I could do the work myself and avoid another inevitable bad experience at Nomad Cyclery and learn a thing or two about the trike's mechanics.

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  1. Keep me posted on how those shorter crank-arms work. I may want to go that route myself..