Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Replacement KMX Wheels In This Week

I got a word from Matt at Utah Trikes that my new replacement wheels will be shipped out today. He said I can expect to see them by this weekend! Great news. That means I can ride this Sunday if I have some time. Hope they last longer than the previous ones w/o making annoying sounds!

UPDATE: 9/29/11
The wheels actually arrived last week on 9/21/11 in the afternoon. I love the mail delivery guy! Knock! Knock! Knock! The wheels looked great. They were wrapped better than the last ones! Indeed the j-hooks were installed in alternating directions onto the hub like they should be. I'm glad Matt from Utah Trikes recognized this when I brought it to his attention and fixed the issue so quickly. Instead of spending $85/each on relacing wheels, I only had to spend $14.75 or so to ship my old wheels to them.

Of course getting new replacement wheels (the ones they now use on the newer KMX's) meant I had to put on new reflective red tape (which I had plenty of left over) and remount the computer magnet. No biggy. Both worked out fine and I finished that and mounted the wheels in probably a bit over an hour. Not too bad.

I'm ready for this Saturday's ride....squeak free!


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