Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the Fence About ALC?

No, this isn't a post for myself. It's for anyone like Vickie (yes, that's spelled correctly). I met a newbie named Vickie on this morning's Recumbent Riders of the East Bay monthly ride. She's heard of the ALC and mentioned she had considered riding. What do I tell people who are on the fence as a first time rider?

1. It can easily be one of the most or the most physically challenging event that people do in their lifetimes.

2. "You only live once." I hear this clique all the time. It's so overused that I almost don't even know what it means anymore. But it's so true. There will be lots of things we do in our lifetime and most regrets we have in our lives will be things that we wish we did - not things we wish we didn't do.

3. The ride is fully supported. Food, tents, organized rest stops, vans to carry your stuff. It's all there.


1. Of course! Most people who do the ride aren't hardcore cyclists, yet they're able to participate in the ride and complete a majority if not all of the 545 miles.

2. 2,500 people do it a year. You can do it too. Remember, one guy last year strapped his walking cane to his bike frame! Also remember that rumors have it that one person also passed away due to an accident on the ride. Be careful!

3. Better to have attempted and failed than to have never done it at all. Don't be intimidated by the sheer number of miles (or days). Not everyone completes every mile due to physical constraints and sometimes our bikes just won't let us continue. It happens.


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