Thursday, July 21, 2011

For Sale: Sachs 3x7 internal gear hub + extras

Up for sale is my Stage 1 IGH setup. It's perfect for anyone looking to increase their gear ranges to climb hills and speed down them faster on a budget. Please see my previous blog posts for details including gear charts.

I am selling this b/c I have upgraded to a Stage 2 8-speed setup with a custom wheel and no longer need this. It's therefore available to go to a good home. Note that this setup (unfortunate for me) is actually lighter than my current setup. The hub weighs under 3lbs. My current one weighs OVER 3lbs. Ugh. If you want a lighter weight IGH setup with everything you need (except shifter cable and housing) for cheap, then this is it.

I only have one set, so first to pay gets it shipped. As with all my sales, I include:

FREE shipping
FREE insurance
FREE tracking

Your new setup includes the following:

- Sachs 3x7 internal gear hub mounted on
- a 20" (406mm) wheel
- with rim tape
- Wrapped in a KMX beaded tire
- All proprietary hardware (shifter, mounting hardware)
- Sunlite anti-thorn tube (1.75-2.125" although the box says something else)
- 11-34T generic Megarange 7-speed cassette

Everything in this photo is what will be shipped to your door in the USA for $175. Perfectly priced for those that do not want to spend over $1,000 on a Roloff.

Note the red cassette box is empty b/c it's already mounted on the wheel. The little clear plastic baggy contains the hardware and proprietary Torpedo shifter.

Note that this is an older setup. The hub has not been serviced, but has performed well. I did NOT use this for my recent 7-day 545 mile ALC ride so I have not put that many miles on it myself. I purchased it used so I do not know how many miles were put on it prior.

This IGH is different than the SRAM 3x7 which people have had reliability issues with. This SACH's version is an older model but supposedly has been built a lot better. I have researched and found no complaints on this unit. It's pretty much bullet proof.

For those that are overwhelmed by this and aren't familiar with an internal gear hub, it basically gives you 3x the number of gears you currently have (assuming you have a 7-speed rear). If you have a standard 3 chainring crankset and a 7-speed cassette, this setup will put your trike at 3x7x3 = 63 gears.

The gear range will give you an ultra low gear to climb hills and an ultra high gear to speed down hills faster. The cassette I've included is somewhat rare. An 11-34T 7-speed cassette isn't very common. It provides a huge range for those that want both high and low end gears. It's worked well for me and I hope it works well for you too.

I can ship this the next business day after receiving payment. It's ready to go!

UPDATE: 8/22/11
It looks like the IGH went to a really good home. Look how excited the buyer was to receive the package! I'm super happy that it went to such a bike enthusiast who can really make use of the IGH to its optimal potential. I couldn't have sold it to someone more deserving.


  1. Hey, contact me! I'd love to purchase this immediately. Call me at 434.227.9five48

    Thomas of homebrewedbikes.

  2. Still interested - where can I send payment?


  3. I recently purchased a used V Rex 24 recumbent with a Sachs 3 x 7 rear hub and I really like it's ability to hill climb. This was made just before Sachs was renamed Sram. I'm considering replacing the 7 speed cassette to the one you have on this IGH. How was shifting to the bail out gear? Were you using Grip Shift? Did you have to make other changes? Chain length? Do you have any recommendations when changing to the Sunrace 11-34T Megarange 7-speed cassette?

  4. Did you sell it already? I'm still 100% ready to purchase! Just let me know where to send payment and how. (I can do PayPal or personal check)

  5. @thomas

    Nope, I didn't sell it yet. Thanks for your interest. I just received your payment, so thank you.

  6. @ph

    Shifting to the bail out gear (granny gear) works just fine. The jump to the 34T cog isn't a problem. Yes, I was using a twist grip type of shifter. No other changes had to be made. The chain length will vary from trike to trike. You'll have to youtube some instructions on how to figure that out. Too hard to explain in words. No recommendations on upgrading to the 11-34T cassette.

    If you're able to, I'd try to get an 8-speed on there so you can get a genuine Shimano Megarange rather than the generic one. You won't be able to find a 7-speed Shimano cassette easily.