Monday, July 25, 2011

Final Flag

Accessory 49: Flag @
$32 + $5.50 shipping = $37.50

That's an expensive flag! The last ones were $6/each and come with the two-piece poles! These ones are made-to-order I think. When I asked when they would be ready to ship, the seller said that it's still be made a day later.

The shipping costs were accurate. When it arrived in a tiny little box, the stamps did add up to the shipping cost. The company doesn't try to getting extra profit by exaggerating the shipping. I suppose that's good but the unit price is a bit on the high side. Either fortunately or unfortunately, this is a flag I like so the price was what it was.

My last two flags fell off on the road, I'm hoping this one will stay put. I'll need to strengthen the bracket that connects the two sections of the flag. So is the flag pole too long? I wonder how much drag it'll cause.

The alternative was either a checkered racing flag in black/white or red/white. I was having a hard time finding a simple red triangle flag. The retailers call them "red" in the description, but when ordered, they arrive more orange than fire engine red.

This new flag is definitely red, recommended by my buddy Mike Beatty who's got a cool blue one with custom KMX lettering.

Another thing to add to the trike storage area. Hopefully by putting it here, I won't forget to bring it.

UPDATE: 8/26/11

How high should I make the flag? High enough to see over a car? Or does it need to be lower so that driver can be at eye level? I think both. I'll be lowering it tad so that the half way point of the flag is at the car's roofline.

How high does it sit now? 80" once installed on the flag mounting bracket. That's about 4" higher than the clearance of my garage. Do I want to clear it so I can roll right in? Maybe. Is that my finger in the top left corner of the camera? Yes.


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