Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Riding with the Wife

She tagged along! Not only that, but it was her idea to ride trikes yesterday! I've alway wanted to take her down that hill through Golden Gate Park and this time she did it! Too bad she was in front b/c I would've liked to see her trike grin as she sped through the wind. 

It's a bit of a rarity to see other recumbent trikers in the City, but we found a couple riding their Greenspeeds! Since they were heading in the opposite direction, we only waved hello and continued on our way. Coming back though, we saw them again and pulled over to have a chat. I think his name was Russel. 

In the middle of the conversation a cyclist rides by and shouts, "Can you guys pull over? You're in the bike lane!" He was wrong. 

Nope, there wasn't a bike lane there at all. We were in the parking lane. No cars, but indeed it's a parking lane nonetheless. I see cars parked there all the time. I'm all about bike lanes and pushing for safety, but like all the other freaks in the City, entitlement becomes a bit of an issue. 


  1. Hi I was looking into a "tadpole" recumbent and I was wondering a few things about using them in the city. Can you take the recumbent on the amtrak? and how about the BART? How is visibility (to cars) in the city?

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