Sunday, November 11, 2012

Me, a Bentider?

"A fellow bentrider!" 

She looked at a bit awkwardly but smiled as did I when I yelled it. I forgot the term, "bentrider" isn't that well known even amongst recumbent riders. It was her 3rd ride in three weeks. Her recumbent grin said it all. She was having a blast. So who is she? 

I don't even know. 

She was a stranger we met on a ride through the City. She and her road bike entourage were asking about trikes and their comparisons with a two-wheeler. Perhaps it doesn't occur to most riders that three wheels is an option. 

As I rode earlier in the day, I yelled out to some parents and their kids sitting on a curb, "Three wheels are better!" A bit of an expected delayed reaction as they finally laughed at the irony that  I was actually complimenting their son who was also riding a trike.

This is my first published picture taken with my very first smart phone! Macs are beautiful. Photostream feature allows photos taken by iphone to be automatically pushed to my laptop. No need to even press a button. It just does it automatically. This means I don't have to pull out the SD card from my camera, insert it into my card reader, put the card reader into my laptop, hope it loads and drag the photo to some place on my computer for uploading later. I open up the folder and a few seconds later, it's loaded! I don't even have to press an "Import" button.

I'm always late to the party. I get Walkmans when people are buying CD players. I start listening to CD players when friends are sporting MP3 players. Finally, I got the iphone 5 about a month after its release and am almost all caught up with the technology that my counterparts have already been enjoying  for years.

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