Sunday, May 27, 2012

Head Up

The Catrike's headrest does suck. After getting a better look at how Mike rigged up the Catrike headrest on his KMX, I just came back from the hardware store an hour or so ago to pick up the screws and bolts to hopefully secure it like he did. Thanks Mike. I'm totally copying how you rigged yours. I just hope I got the correct parts and things work out.

Lately (actually, ever since I got the trike), the headrest has been loose and sorta useless. I'm hoping after I rig this thing on, it'll be much better. Pics and review to come.


  1. The newer model headrests have a limiting pin on the bracket that attaches to the frame that stops the headrest from moving backwards. The older ones don't have this pin instead they have small shelf that limits the rear movement of the headrest. To adjust the stoping point you must loosen the bracket and twist it to the point where you want the backward movement to stop.

  2. Thanks, but I wish I had a photo to see what you're referring to. Not sure I understand.