Sunday, May 20, 2012

3rd Place

The only question that really matters is, "How many trikes were there?"

Well, boys and girls. There were this many. Can you count 9 trikes. No? HINT: Two of them are in the background and they're velomobile versions. The one with the clear tinted cover in the way back facing us and the white one on the far right.

Could it be that the color scheme just doesn't look as good? And that's why the Catrike Speed doesn't pop off the screen like the KMX does? The Speed's got some smoothness to it that the KMX'll never have, but it's definitely not as photogenic. There's something about the KMX that I adore that can never be achieved by the Catrike. 

Mike, I hope it's okay that I use your pic and name here. If you're bothered by it, then this photo here is a picture of Bartholomew on a KMX Tornado fully modded! This is the first time I've seen it in real life since the upgrade. Those are 18" fronts and I believe a 24" rear. The proportion on this bad boy looks perfect! Reminds me of a Catrike 700! The proportions look much better than my Catrike and I still miss the white base color of the frame. The white lettering on the sidewalls definitely give it that sports look. Loving it Mike, I mean Bartholomew. 

Paul's warming up on the inside track. He kicked but with the both rides he brought to the race that day. Actually, that's an understatement. He hauled ass and kicked all our butts. You can almost see his calves of steel here in the pick. Very impressive.

Pick your jaw up off the ground as you continue gawking at this masterpiece. Yup, that's a carbon fiber cockpit cover. So awesome. My favorite color scheme of course - white with some red accents and enough carbon to make anyone drool. 

Don't laugh. The guys who brought these bikes take their races seriously. No joke. They ride like they're in the Olympics. I would've taken a video if it wasn't for me having to recover from one of my races. I got up for a second to take this and stumbled back to the concrete for a nap.

For the remaining photos, check them all out here.


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