Friday, September 3, 2010

Work Station

Thought I'd post a photo of my work station. It's just a shelf, but it works for the time being.

I chose it knowing it's got enough room for the wheels to rest on either side when the trike is placed on top of the shelf horizontally in this photo.

Rather than tossing out some plastic foam packaging I found with my old Dell computer, I found use for it to prop up the wheel. Works perfectly.

When I had worked on it previously, I was hunched over on the floor with the wheel over an open box. It was horrible for my back. This setup is tons better and all my tools are within reach so everything can more easily be accounted for.

I just finished slapping on the reflective rim tape on the new wheel and replaced to stock 12-28T freewheel with my old 11-34T one. Glad I got the tool and learned how to do it myself. I think I paid $25 to swap it out at the shop last time. Not much excitement since it looks identical to the old wheel, but there's definitely less play in the axle. It's way smoother than when I first got the trike!


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