Friday, September 3, 2010


Since the new wheel didn't come with a rotor, I had done a quick search for affordable ones to replace the warped one I have. Since the stock Tektro 160mm ones have rusted, I thought I'd try something new. If the price is right, I'm picking up 3. The Delta Aztec looks to be its twin except it has red accents on its profile. Sounds good, except I'd still like to try something different for comparison. I might be missing out on something.

The Avid G2's got very good reviews for the most part. Great stopping power and no squeaks. At $25 a pair, it sounds good to me! A third rotor was $15.99. I could have bought another pair to save myself $4, but I decided I'd only purchase my equipment as I need them. No such discount was available for the Delta Aztecs nor Tektro's. They're about $17-20/each all over the web. What would I have done without ebay?


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