Friday, September 21, 2012

Bonk Bonk Bonk!

I finally got my remote alarm! My original Ebay purchase went south and I ended up buying a new one from another seller.  $7.15 and 12 days later it was in my hands and it works perfectly! Batteries are included. It's pretty basic. Engage the alarm using a remote similar to ones for cars. When the alarm itself moves, it goes off and sounds like wild fire.

The thing's pretty sensitive so I'll definitely only be arming it outdoors. No arming my escoot in the library I guess.

Payment for a remote bike alarm went to the ebay seller back on 5/23/12 and even today more than a quarter of a year later as of 9/21/12, I have yet to receive a working item. Don't buy remote alarms from a seller named bestnbestonline. You'll get an alarm and a remote that don't talk to each other. The numbers on the back won't match. The seller will be nice about it and send you not one, but two replacements which of course also don't work (despite warning them to test it first before shipping). 

So with three duds, I finally make my final ultimatum: Refund me immediately or you get negative feedback. Looks like the joke's on me though b/c after 45 days, you can't leave feedback for sellers. The selling history is pretty much wiped out unless you look it up by ebay item number and even then, you still can't leave feedback. 

I was surprised to learn that ebay now makes their customer service number public! I called it and they can't refund me right away b/c it's been more than 45 days. Luckily there's record that I've been having ongoing correspondence with the seller. Ebay's going to contact them to see if they can get me my refund. No case number yet.

The last time I opened a case for an ebay transaction? 5 years ago. 


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