Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catrike with Suspension!

I pretty much never blog about anything on here other than personal experiences, but what blew me away a moment ago was seeing what I knew would eventually happen, but didn't think would happen so soon. 

Yup, that's the new Catrike Road! I used to hate it b/c it was so high up off the ground that it looked goofy. Low is cool and sleek. It comes at ground clearance that's practically nill, but I think it's worth it. 

 The remake of the road has rear suspension! Weight penalty? 6lbs. It's heavier than the last non-suspension one, but Catrike was able to execute suspension in a really elegant way. Looks awesome. If the rear wheel was bigger than the front and it was $1,300 I'd have it in my garage by now. No such luck. This thing's over $3k by the time it gets to you door. But man, is that thing a beauty. 

I'm envious of anyone who orders one. I hope to see it live one day but that's fairly rare here in the Bay Area. I think I've only seen 4 other Catrikes besides my own and two of them I hadn't seen until just this past weekend! 

Another beautiful thing to aim for. Wonder if they're introduce a Speed-based version with suspension. That'd be awesome. What would be more awesome? If someone bought it, 2 years passed and they sold it to me for a discount. What's better than that? If it was white!


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